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Profetus - As All Seasons Die

Profetus - As All Seasons Die

Label : Svart Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: LP

Marcel H. : From the moment the ‘Saturnine’ demo by Finns Profetus was delivered to me, totally unasked for, I have had a soft spot for this bassless funeral doom from the land of a thousand lakes. A lot of times I have compared them to countrymen and same genre dwellers Skepticism. That comparison also holds true for this release, which is called a full-length by the record company but is regarded by vocalist/guitarist Anssi Mäkinen more or less as a stop gap e.p. Which is not weird at all since it only spans 36 minutes whereas their usual full-lengths go on for nearly 60 minutes.

The first thing that one notices is that an extra guitarist has been added to the line-up in the form of Matti Mäkelä, who many will know from bands such as Wormphlegm, Tyranny and Corpsessed. Guitarist Eppe Kuismin has been replaced by Englishman Dan Lowndes who is known as the driving force behind Cruciamentum and for his mixing, mastering and engineering in his own Resonance Sound Studio for acts such as Pallbearer, Lantern, Corpsessed, Grave Miasma, Anhedonist, Binah, Desolate Shrine, Lie In Ruins and also Profetus, just to name a few. Enough of the personnel talk, on to the music.

Well, it’s still Profetus as we know them. Extremely heavy and that without a bass, but the keyboards and the third guitar produce the low end. The four songs that span the four seasons are all still top mighty fine Finnish funeral doom in the vein of Skepticism with beautifully long weeping melodies and saturated with heart wrenching melancholy. The melancholy is accentuated by the guitar solos in ‘Dead Are Our Leaves Of Autumn’. The unmistakeable melodic sound is produced by Justin Hartwig of Mournful Congregation and really adds something beautifully extra to the heavy Profetus sound. When it comes to the sound of the e.p. it is more than fine. Dan Lowndes has delivered a magnificent job. Extremely heavy yet still open and clear and the accent given to the guest guitar work in the song just mentioned works extremely well.

This release makes me long for more, and please then an album clocking in at around sixty minutes. ‘As All Seasons Die’ can only be bought either as digital download or on vinyl via Svart Records. So not on cd.

Japanese label Weird Truth will release the cd version of this album.

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