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Stoic Dissention - Autochthon

Stoic Dissention - Autochthon

Label : Rain Without End Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Johan Z. : Stoic Dissention pleases us with a combination of black and doom, the dragging melancholic character of doom with the grim aggression of black. This is not a piece of work you just put in the player, this is a piece of work that requires the listener to take his time with it. But definitely worth that effort, calm performed guitar melodies, excellent drum work en varying rasping and screaming vocals. On a single occasion they speed things up, but most of the time the pace is calm. In style they tend to lean towards progressive, but a very threatening kind. A comparison with the Swedish band Shining is at hand here, especially with the final song on this album. A must have for fans from both genres.

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