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I Will Kill You - Extrema Putrefactio

I Will Kill You - Extrema Putrefactio

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : I Will Kill You (great band name!) hails from Sicily, Italy and is around since 2010. Their first and only demo effort entitled ‘Plastination’ was released in 2011. Their debut full-length recently came out through the Finnish Inverse Records label. I had a blast listening to this CD. The band plays ADHD-ridden blackened death metal and uses movie and audio clips as well as sinister piano playing to add a strange and otherworldly dimension to their music.

Vocal wise it’s like Dani Filth has rejuvenated and recharged his batteries. I Will Kill You is a surprisingly good act that has quite an original approach when it comes to playing death metal. Also check out their cover version of Dismember’s ‘Casket Garden’! I’m pretty sure you won’t find this CD in stores so do yourself a favour and visit Inverse Records’ Facebook page or webstore. I Will Kill You kills!

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