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Bastard Feast - Osculum Infame

Bastard Feast - Osculum Infame

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Bastard Feast at first glance looks like a standard black metal band. Just look at the artwork, the band name and song titles. Musically there are things they have in common, especially in the vocals, but there are also many other influences. The general sound in the first two songs clearly resembles the punk sound of the eighties. With the use of that punk sound we also tackle the biggest issue, because the overall sound of the album is very chaotic. Many dissonant riffs, vocals that at first hearing are mixed around the rest of the instruments completely arbitrary and the rapid pace make it all not really a pleasure for the ears. Maybe there are more spins needed, but I have not really heard a coherent album. It's not that it is bad music, it all sounds very thorough, but it sounds to me as a forced mixture of several styles just to make something original. Unfortunately the band overdoes it on the bulk of 'Osculum Infame'. However, I think that for fans of the later Entombed there is something in it, but probably I just do not understand.

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