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Ars Moriendi - La Singulière Noirceur D'un Astre

Ars Moriendi - La Singulière Noirceur D'un Astre

Label : Archaic Sound | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kevin : Hey! A new album by Ars Moriendi. The previous album was one of my first review for this fine webzine and I was quite positive about Arsonist`s project. With this album he surpasses his previous work.

The suicidal black metal is gone and has been replaced by a more progressive, at times jazzy approach but the emotion is still very much there. The music is still straight from the hart, a damaged heart, a heart that is slowly beginning to heal. The previous album was a desolate landscape, but here I detect some fragments of hope. The production is perfect for the music. It sounds warm and clear, so every subtle nuance is audible. The only downside to the album is a few parts that are a bit too much like power metal for me. Luckily those are short and few. Ars Moriendi deliver a strong album with a distinct own sound and a high level of musical craftsmanship.

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