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Subliritum - Downfall

Subliritum - Downfall

Label : Battlegod Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Johan Z. : Subliritum has been around for fifteen years now and released their third full-length. They play fast paced melodic black with some progressive influences. It strongly reminds of the later works from Emperor, Old Man’s Child and a bit of Satyricon. Every now and then it goes a bit towards melodic death. The pace goes up right from the start, which is mainly caused by Keep Of Kalessin’s Vyl and his fast and tight drumming. You may also expect some excellent guitar work with some solo’s. The production is fine and despite the constantly high pace there is plenty of variation. Fine piece of work, but when listening to this while driving you might want to check for speed traps.

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