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Empty - Etica Profana Negativa

Empty - Etica Profana Negativa

Label : Osmose | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Johan Z. : Empty plays melodic black that is hard as nails and reminds a bit of the early works of Emperor but more vicious, with an ambiance that feels a bit like the thing Shining does. With the third song they also reminded me of the German doom/black band Isolation, due to the fact a distinctive guitar riff that is in the song which is exactly the same as on Isolation’s 'Nomad' from the album 'Closing A Circle'. Don’t expect anything new with Empty, only with a few melodic parts to enhance the ambiance they slow down the brutal pace. They chose a very raw production with very high pitched guitars, even higher pitched vocals and a solid drum sound. The ambiance is best described as both depressing and aggressive at the same time. Decent album for the fans, though it is likely not suited for everyone due to the very harsh nature.

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