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Contorsion - Planet Parasite

Contorsion - Planet Parasite

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With ‘Planet Parasite’ Swiss quintet Contorsion delivers its second long player. I’m not familiar with their debut, ‘Solace Through Lies’, so I can’t offer you any comparing matters. But I must say that what I hear on ‘Planet Parasite’ is definitely not disappointing.

These gentlemen play modern thrash metal with the accent on the American version. Think of later Testament, Exodus (especially the heavy guitar sound) and later Metallica, along with the groove of Pantera and Machine Head, and you’ll know what to expect. In general the songs have deliciously heavy, catchy riffs and melodies. The vocal sound raw, and heavy yet sharp at the same time, which fits well to the music.

Although the band makes a good impression in general, they come across stronger especially during the faster pieces. During the mid-tempo pieces the music sounds a bit too monotonous, and the songs collapse a bit and lose your attention. All in all ‘Planet Parasite’ is a decent modern thrash record and definitely worth the effort. But there are better albums in the genre.

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