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Aephanemer - Know Thyself

Aephanemer - Know Thyself

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Demo

Remco Post : This CD is not really made by a band. It is the solo thingie of French Martin "Nif" Hamiche. He founded Aephanemer in 2013 and this is the debut demo containing six songs that was released in January 2014. It is instrumental and the style is a mix of melodic death metal with prog metal with added some blues and classical music.

First of all, I could not hear the difference whether he uses computers for the drum and bass or real instruments, so in short the sound and the production is good and credible. The lead guitar is nowhere really spectacular, but the whole thing together and the compositions are really fantastic. From the start you will be taken along in a story of feelings and everything sounds beautifully. A lot is happening extra in the songs like keys, strings and acoustic pieces and it is a CD where you can continue to listen to and continues to fascinate. Unfortunately only five songs please the ears. Track number six is a kind of marching music on keys. Very disappointing and this certainly affect the quality of the rest. According to the bio is 2014 in the sign of forming a full band and then in 2015 go on tour and releasing a full-length. I am really looking forward to that one.

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