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Deamon’s Child - Deamon’s Child

Deamon’s Child - Deamon’s Child

Label : Zygmatron Music | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : The untitled demo was quite good, but could not prepare us for what Deamon’s Child would be serving us on their first “real” album. In just over half an hour the German-language noise punk, or sludge-stoner as they prefer to call it, erase all possible prejudice about modern German rock music. This is not just good, it is phenomenally good.

From the fantastic and inventive drumming on the first real track ‘Aeffchen faert Fahrrad’ (“monkey rides a bicycle”) to the epic guitar riffs in closing track ‘Gedichte’: Every song is a winner, just like every drum roll, guitar riff and bass chord is just right. There is a tremendous energy in the music, partly merit of the production that creates a sound that makes you feel you are surrounded by the guitar, bass and drums of this Hannover trio. A number of songs are familiar from the demo and can now be heard in an “improved” version, accompanied by new tracks that are at least equal to the instant classics ‘Alles Bio, Immer Bio’, ‘Lutscher’ and ‘Venus’. As said in the review of the demo, Deamon’s Child sounds a bit like a bizarre kraut version of Los Natas, the Melvins and Sonic Youth, but this band has grown since the demo. Not just a bit, but Jack and the Beanstalk type of growth.

At cloer inspection it becomes clear Deamon’s Child is not appearing out of nowhere. Mastermind Sven “Missu” Missulis, also known as John Reebo, was not so long ago the head of another promising band Reebosound, specializing in nicely jangling garage pop. Deamon’s Child is a different cup of tea. Perhaps it is the influence of drummer Tim, who doubles in the Hannover-based doom band WhiteBuzz, although Deamon’s Child is very much Missu’s band in which drummer Tim and singer/bass player Ana can play along. Not that this is a bad thing, as long as the result is a record like this. After 32 minutes there is only one conclusion: Zugabe!

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