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Alien - Eternity

Alien - Eternity

Label : AOR Heaven | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Somewhere in the nineties I saw a CD of the for me at that time totally unknown band Alien in the sale section of the Rotterdam subsidiary of Termeulenpost (yeah, you still had those back then…). Because of the fact that the cover looked quite nice and that the album had a price of only five guilders, I decided on the spot that this purchase was justifiable. After returning home I went to listen to my new addition without noteworthy expectations and I was quite blown away by the beautiful melodic rock that this Swedish band played on their as it turned out debut album. Especially the single ‘Tears Don’t Put Out The Fire’ and a lovely cover of the Hollies song ‘The Air That I Breathe’ were very impressive and soon after I had added all the other Alien albums (‘Shiftin’ Gear’ from 1990, ‘Alien’ from 1993 and ‘Crash’ from 1995) to my personal collection. All these didn’t have the high quality level of the awesome debut album and that caused that Alien slowly lost my attention. When the original singer Jim Jidhed and Tony Borg brought ‘Dark Eyes’ to market in 2005 via Frontiers Records I still had a bit of hope that this one might be able to equal the quality of the early days, but this first “reunion” records only proved to be a bad rehash.

After another long period of silence a number of gigs were done (among others on the Sweden Rock, Getaway Rock and Firefest festivals) and the band started to grow back in their original line-up. In 2013 they started with the recording of a new album and barely one year later the record is available as ‘Eternity’ via the German AOR Heaven label. Let’s first state that the class of the debut album is nowhere reached, but in comparison with the very weak ‘Dark Eyes’ this new album is certainly a big step into the right direction. Songs like first single ‘In Love We Trust’, ‘Unbroken’, the ballad ‘I Believe’ and the eighties song ‘I’m A Fighter’ are just nice catchy A.O.R. tunes, which will certainly appeal to many fans of the genre. However, after many listens I must still conclude that this second “reunion” album, despite the getting back together in the original line-up, is somewhat disappointing to me because of the safe path that they’ve chosen. Nowhere things get real exciting and the song material is just too average to really become impressive. So I would advise you to first have a good listen before taking a possible purchase decision.

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