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Vredehammer - Vinteroffer

Vredehammer - Vinteroffer

Label : Indie Recordings | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Vredehammer is a relatively new group from Norway features amongst others (ex) members of Allfader. So it is really not a surprise to find that on their debut ‘Vinteroffer’ Vredehammer plays black metal with a hefty dose of death and thrash metal. Much like Allfader and similar bands such as The Deviant or Zyklon the music is tight as hell, crushingly well produced and instantly headbangable. Groovy, fast-paced and aggressive Vredehammer executes the Norwegian black/death style to perfection. As a result ‘Vinteroffer’ doesn’t take much effort to enjoy. The flip-side of this coin is that there isn’t a whole lot left to be discovered after a few spins. Unlike Allfader, Vredehammer stays completely within the boundaries of the style. ‘Vinteroffer’ is clearly a good effort, but falls short on being mind-blowing.

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