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Second Grave - Antithesis

Second Grave - Antithesis

Label : Pariah Child | Archive under doom metal

Release type: 12"

Pim B. : Pariah Child is a magazine and label based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Through this label a lot of killer stuff has been released like Eight Hands For Kali, Argus and Revelation. Main man Danny Angus sent me his latest release to review, which is the 10-inch ‘Antithesis’ by Second Grave from the USA. The band was formed in 2012 and is fronted by guitarist/singer Krista van Guilder who has been active in the past in bands as Warhorse and Lucubro. Another member you might have heard of is bass-player Dave Gein of Black Pyramid.

In 2012 the band released a six-track EP, which I haven’t heard. Based on ‘Antithesis’ I should check that one out as well. ‘Antithesis’ opens with the track ‘Mourning Light’, a pure heavy metal song that can be placed somewhere between Iron Maiden, Slough Feg and Argus. The B-side contains the twelve-minute ‘Drink The Water’. This is a pure doom metal song that sounds heavy and contains a killer groove. The production is really great. I particularly like the heavy sound of the bass. The main feature however is the great vocals of Van Guilder. This EP is a true gem and Second Grave is a great addition to the scene. I’m very curious what the future will bring. Based on this one I long for more, a lot more.

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