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Nosce Teipsum - At The Heart Of Hell

Nosce Teipsum - At The Heart Of Hell

Label : Metallic Media | Archive under black metal

Release type: Re-release

Johan Z. : Nosce Teipsum has remastered and released their album from 2012 through Metallic Media, as a bonus they have added the entire demo ‘Riders Of Human Death’ to the disc. The first that comes to notice is the shrill guitar sound and their drums. And not in a good way. Both just sound fake, the name of the drummer is described as Satan in the booklet. Korg, Alesis or Roland would have suited better since this is a classic example of excessive use of a drum computer. The guitars also sound like they are played on an instrument that uses a keyboard and mouse instead of strings. They also succeeded in ruining the very decent production the previous issue had, its flat and is completely stripped from its ambiance. The focus is now on the drum and guitar, the guitars also have a much higher pitched sound than before.

After nine tracks it does get better, that is where the demo starts which they barely altered, the guitars sound a lot more natural and even the drums are somewhat acceptable except for the inhuman speeds. The vocals are almost literally puked into the microphone and the songs have a nice aggressive ambiance. Pity the bonus tracks are much better than the release itself. You probably will not miss anything about this release.

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