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Noneuclid - Metatheosis

Noneuclid - Metatheosis

Label : Blood Music | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dani�l : For those who can’t get enough of the thrash scene the new album from Dutch/German band Noneuclid, ‘Metatheosis’, will certainly be an amazing addition to the collection. The thrash on the album reminds of Evile’s ‘Five Serpent’s Teeth’ (2011) and ‘Citizen Brain’ by Gama Bomb (2008), but also of the thrash presented in a raw death metaljacket like in the 1980’s and 90’s. Think of the album ‘Subconscious Terror’ by Benediction (1990) or Massacre’s ‘From Beyond’ (1991).

For the critics that remain sceptic about the international status of thrash metal, the problem is that new thrash albums are often put away as “overused, monotonous, and copy-work”. Thrash has already been called out to be (like some have said about punk) dead, and if not dead, then at least the music has seen its best years. To stand out from the mass of thrash a band should be either overwhelmingly good – to immediately make name as one of the big names in the genre – or combine the core of thrash with other genres of music. Noneuclid chooses the latter (apart from the question whether they are good enough or not to go for the first option). As mentioned before, the band incorporates a blend of death metal and also a taste of progressive music (heard from, e.g. the eminent bass guitar and technical riffs). Moreover, the tracks are way longer than a thrash metalband tends to make them. About six or seven minutes is the average play-time of only one track, with the final track, ‘None So Lucid’, being the highlight with it being over sixteen (!) minutes in length.

The final question is: does the album live up to the challenge of staying exciting until the very end? I find myself looking around, as if I am really overthinking my answer. The answer, however, has been very clear to me ever since I finished listening to the record for the first time. Without doubt: yes! Jazzy intermezzo’s (‘Across The Midst Of Broken Glass’), technical guitar solos, clear and audible vocals in the style of Matt Drake (Evile) – hell, there is even space reserved for the primitive rhythm machine of tabla (‘Into The Light (Part I)’)! You wouldn’t be far off if you would recognise several Obscura-influences in the music (especially on ‘Buried Forever’ and ‘Across…’), since Noneuclid and Obscura share bass player Linus Klausenitzer. Kleusenitzer isn’t the only big name we find when we go looking for the Noneuclid-ean band members. The remaining Noneuclid members all play together in Dark Fortress, a melodic black metalband. Drummer Seraph also plays for the German black metalband Thulcandra and the Dutch band ReVamp. Guitarist and vocalist Victor Bullok (also known under the moniker of V. Santura, source: Metal Archives), is also involved in Triptykon. An interesting side note is that the band has good connections with the Metropole Orchestra. The idea is that extreme metal, surprisingly, has a lot in common with the darker classical music, like Wagner’s. The project has been named Transition Metal.

Concluding: Noneuclid has certainly proven their competence with this record, if they hadn’t done so already with their 2006 debut ‘The Crawling Chaos, and have settled their name in the metal hall of fame, standing firm as a rock. Doubtlessly an outstanding project. This, my friends, is the definition of a super-group.

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