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God’s Army - God’s Army

God’s Army - God’s Army

Label : Massacre | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : This new (?) act is quite unknown to the world except for the YouTube clip that is shown. Even on the website of their label Massacre they are unknown, weird or what? The rest of the Internet is talking about movies, religious groups, games etcetera, but this band is unknown (except a gothic band with the same name), not even the renowned Metal Archives lists them. I suspect that they are from Germany and that they will release their debut album with ‘God's Army’. Personally, they shouldn’t have bothered. The hard -rock that on this disc is stripped of all frills and sounds quite basic. Motorhead fans would appreciate it I guess, sometimes, but for me it is really too simple, too much of the same over and over again. The singer, in itself is not bad, but sometimes misses the turn by far. Biggest irritating issue however is the lack of good songs and melodies. The choruses are truly an abomination. Repeating a phrase or a few words five times is not a chorus boys. The chorus of ‘Hear You Scream’ is at the deep end of the album, horrible. I know, Maiden has also suffered from this problem, but it this act can not really be compared to them. As background music in a horror movie, I think it fits best. For the discerning metal fan there is not much to enjoy here.

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