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Invertia - Another Scheme Of The Wicked

Invertia - Another Scheme Of The Wicked

Label : Ohm Resistance | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Marcel H. : First off the bat, even though ’Another Scheme Of The Wicked’ contains ten songs, I insist on calling it a mini-cd because the last five are remixes of the first five. And those remixes should have been left off. What a train wreck those five are. Even though Justin Broadrick took care of one of them. His remix is the only one which is more or less palatable. The rest is pure donkey droppings. And that coming from someone who immensely enjoyed Fear Factory’s ‘Remanufacture’.

Back to the first half of the mini it is. The five songs on offer there by Invertia are mighty fine industrial black metal tunes containing a head and a tail and which are interesting. At times I even hear some Ministry and Skinny Puppy shine through. It is also nicely varied. It’s a shame that instead of those remixes no own songs were included because then this album would have been a scorcher. Now I will abstain from voting due to the abysmal remixes.

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