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Bloodride - Bloodmachine

Bloodride - Bloodmachine

Label : Violent Journey Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : In 2011 Finnish metallers Bloodride (featuring [ex-]members of Sentenced, Legenda, Faff-Bey a.o. in its ranks) delivered a good debut in ’Crowned In Hell’. The sturdy, heavy death/thrash n’ roll from this quintet sounded tastefully aggressive, dark and old-school, but the same time not dated, and despite the music’s simple character, the band did impress. On the second long player, ‘Bloodmachine’, Bloodride continues where the debut left off. The band has not strayed one bit from the sound and approach of the first album, and has only perfect its crafts. What we have here are again ten lumpy thrashers with influences from (Swedish) death n’ roll in the vein of Entomed and The Crown. The kind that gives you a kick in the guts, brings a dirty look on your face and forces you into spastic moves and aggressive utterances.

With songs like ‘Battered’, ‘Taken Over’, ‘Horror Has A New Prey’, ‘Massacre My Icons’ and ‘Fight The Fear’ we get a couple of high-speed killers, while ‘Defiled Within’, ‘Deadlights’ and ‘Downfall’ for example show a more mid-tempo approach. In general the songs all have a tasty groove and also individually shows enough variety. When we look at the total picture, ‘Bloodmachine’ has turned out more aggressive than its predecessor and the album thunders forwards tastefully. The production is again heavy and delightfully filthy, and the album sounds contemporary without being over-produced. Therefore ‘Bloodmachine’ has the ability to apply fans of both old-school and more modern thrash and death metal. All in all ‘Bloodmachine’ offers nothing new or surprising, but contains the necessary qualities in order to make its stand in the genre.

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