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Winter Of Sin - Violence Reigns Supreme

Winter Of Sin - Violence Reigns Supreme

Label : Cyclone Empire | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Johan Z. : Not an unknown band in the Netherlands, Winter Of Sin just released his fourth album and it is a very different one from its predecessors. What used to be melodic black is a few years and some line-up changes later best described as melodic death, especially since their new vocalist is former God Dethroned singer Henri Sattler. And that was also the first band to come to mind while listening this album, but it also reminded me of the Swedish band Naglfar and Dissection. The music is melodic and ironclad, the aggression is pouring from it. One moment there is a calm guitar riff and the next moment it is a blow to the face. Love it! The performance is very tight and the production is exactly as it should be. Excellent album and a recommendation to fans of the early mentioned bands.

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