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Social 66 - Social 66

Social 66 - Social 66

Label : Pavement | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : They come from different cities in the United States, the four members of Social66. But as it is written in the bio so beautifully: they found each other because they had a common goal: to write and play heavy rock music with loud guitars. Hehehe. Normally comments like that give me the creeps but in the case of Social66 irritation subsides quickly. Because if you listen to 'Social66 ' you can only conclude one thing: this is heavy rock with heavy guitars and great hooks .

Catchy, that's the magic word in Social66. In itself, the songs do not really impress: pretty simple structures with fairly obvious chords. But one way or another, they know to sound very catchy. And that makes that choruses and riffs get glued in your head. They also manage to find a balance between very heavy guitars and melody ('Sorry'), simple sing-alongs (‘The Party Is On’) and electronics with emo metal (‘The Wave’). Although the members look like bikers, their music is at times just similar to that of bands like Limp Bizkit (‘Only Me’, ‘Radiate’) and relatives. The production of the CD is fine because the music really pops out of the speakers while everything still remains very clear and pure. Fascinating how it is that there are so many bands from the States who are fairly unknown but who are certainly very good bands .

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