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Skyliner - Outsiders

Skyliner - Outsiders

Label : Limb Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ruben : Skyliner, a band that creates good music, but seems to be undergoing some sort of identity crisis. A progressive sounding intro with lots of keyboard and space/orientated sounds, but their songs have none of that. There are a couple of songs that contain small parts in which you hear keyboards, but only to compensate for the absence of the second guitar. The picture of the band which was delivered to me had a woman with a keyboard on it, but she is no longer a part of this band. Something that can only be seen as a step in the good direction. The use of the keyboards only causes confusion about the musical style on the CD.

'Forever Young' is a good song, played with a lot of power. Now Jake Becker's voice isn’t good enough to cover all the notes, but the band seems to have written the vocal parts to his capability. Absolute heights are avoided, and the singing takes part in lower parts. 'Symphony in Black' for example, would happily be accepted as a new Primal Fear song, but only if sung by Ralf Scheepers himself. Fantastic speed/powermetal, straight to the point. These moments explain to me why a German label, Limb Music, has contracted these three American guys. Unfortunately, from that part on, the album has some minor flaws. The semi-ballad ‘Aria of the Waters’ is an eight-minute disappointment. The music is kind of catchy, but the singing is just not good enough to make you feel moved, or even make it enjoyable. And then, somewhere after six minutes into the song, the band decides that they have to mix some grunts in as well. This makes the result only more unpleasant then it was already. Which underlines the fact that this band might be in a stage of major identity crisis. Continuing with three more songs like the beginning of the album. Good songs, containing some flaws here and there. The closing track of the album is a song of progressive proportions: twenty-one minutes, and it kind of sounds like Iced Earth with Matt Barlow. Raw vocals that had no part earlier on the album. Nevertheless another style mixed into this large musical bowl and another reason to tell this young band to start shaping up. Mixing styles is not one of their best abilities.

In the end it seems to be a good debut. Everything on the album feels like it has a lot of potential in it, only it is not fully developed. With the unwanted presence of the keyboards. If these American boys start adapting one style only, I would happily hear more of them in the future.

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