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Rising Anger - Mindfinder

Rising Anger - Mindfinder

Label : Bastardized Recordings | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Tim : These five young German musicians are making modern melodic metalcore since 2009. They started out with an EP and touring, now is the time to present their first full album. It is a bit harder than Parkway Drive or Comback Kid. But it has a lot of similarities with the sing a longs, loads of melodic parts, the screaming vocals and the recognisable tuning of the guitars. Although the sound is likewise the end result is not boring or a copy. They have managed to put in their own DNA.

To start with ‘Momentariness’, this is a full on energetic punk song. I already see the singer bouncing up and down all over the stage. Next to the punk there is also a great bit of two step, good melodies, intense screaming and a destructive break. Overall a dynamic track where the guys show themselves at their best. If you like this, go listen to ‘Like Vultures’. My personal favourite is ‘False Chords’. This is a heavy track, a bit slower than the rest of the album, with a fast double bass and a solid break. Too bad of the fade out at the end. Normaly I am not big on the melodic vocals but in ‘Dreamcatcher’ I like it. The track begins heavy and transitions into the melodic part with a sing a long, after this it picks up speed and rushes to the end.

For a band that has just started out they produce music at a high level, everything they do fits. There is not a song where I think they should adjust something. The only thing is that it is a sub genre within the metalcore that I find a bit too melodic. I miss the breaks and constant change in pace. But that is me I think a lot of people do not search for unexpected change or weird rhythms. This is why I give them an extra point because I they can become a favourite of the bigger crowd!

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