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Otis - Otis Christ Superstar

Otis - Otis Christ Superstar

Label : Black Death Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Tim : Nice a band from my region in The Netherlands! I have to admit that I am secretly hoping that this is a cool album. These five dudes started in 2005 and this is already their third CD. The album is recorded in the summer of 2012 in a small house in France, very romantic guys! What does it sound like? It is rough and dirty rock and roll, a heavy hardcore punk influence and a lot of screaming. They have a unique sound that gives me a hard rock feeling, these men have found a special and well executed combination of genres. The only unimportant minor punt that I could find is the singing, I cannot understand a thing, but that is allowed in this genre.

More cowbells! That is what they must have thought off during the making of ‘Jacob’s Letter’. Next to all the cowbells there is also a great rhythm and the screaming is fierce and intense. In almost all the songs there is a good fuzz effect over the guitars but in ‘Born on a Bed of Nails’ they have used a clean, fast and high pitched guitar sound. It almost sounds like surf rock, lovely! This sound continues throughout the song and grabs your by the balls. Ready for some old school Black Flag hardcore punk? Than ‘Black Snake’ is your friend. It is a heavier track with louder screams and the pace is way above the rest of the album. This is just one and a half minute full pull chaos, this is something I enjoy.

I listened to the album a couple of times and I really like it. Normally I am a big fan of the heavy and sluggish music but the gushy rock and roll plus stoner rhythms give me a smile on my face. This is a great festival band and I believe these are awesome lads to have a beer with. Because they are from my region I want to give them an extra point, support your locals you know. But no that would be a vote of sympathy and that would not fit this genre. Anyhow, a boulder (Dutch joke) of a record!

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