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Animal Hands  - Animal Hands

Animal Hands - Animal Hands

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Demo

Cor : This will probably not be the most appealing kind of music for our average reader, I personally also do not find the ultimate listening pleasure in this segment. This is a peculiar mix of dreamy wave and garage punk rock. A description like this may sound condescending, but is not meant that way, because they succeed in avoiding boredom cunningly. The vocal lines may sound pretty stoical, but they sure contain a chilly tension, which is underlined by the tasteful foundation of the rhythm section; some great combinations in adding to a certain atmosphere. Also the guitar is well balanced in terms of roaring when appropriate. Just to pinpoint (an average) direction and keep it with the more well known stuff: one may think in the direction of Breeders, P. J. Harvey and Elastica, but then more authentic underground seventies punk/wave made with modern day production technology. The four tracks on this disc cannot be the foundation of a final judgment, but they sure have my attention. To be continued?

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