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Svartidaudi - The Synthesis Of Whore And Beast

Svartidaudi - The Synthesis Of Whore And Beast

Label : Terratur Possessions / Daemon Worship Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kevin : ‘With ‘Flesh Cathedral’ the Icelandic Svartidaudi launched themselves into the highest regions of black metal. Completely unique, knowing no equal and sincere, those are the reasons so many people took Svartidaudi into their hearts. Now the giants return with a two track EP.

The destruction ritual commences with ‘Venus Illegitima’. Hypnotising drums and enchanting guitars take you by the throat and before you know it, you find yourself hanging in the void, carried by demonic wings. The vocals on this e.p. are more in the foreground, making this even sicker and more possessed. After a seven minute trip through the spheres of death we return to earth for a brief moment. Next up is ‘Impotent Solar Phallus’. After a quiet start, keeping our feet on the ground for a moment, a swarm of demons suddenly descends upon us. We are attacked with pure evil from all sides. Dissonant riffs and raging drums strip the body of flesh, for the flesh is weak. Every bone is broken, for bones are meant to be broken. This malign madness continues for nine minutes

And then you are left broken, your twisted finger going for the play button and full of joy you dive back into the hell only Svartidaudi can deliver.

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