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Septuagint 666 - Negative Void Trinity

Septuagint 666 - Negative Void Trinity

Label : Forever Plagued Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Demo

Johan Z. : A lot of bands like these start with a calm introduction after they which they generally kick your teeth in. Not with Septuagint, they do so right at the start. They speed up right away only to slow down a few minutes later to make it very clear they can also play a little calmer and even melodic. It reminds a lot of the Norwegian band 1349. The ambience can only be called frightening, tight performance and a clear production. All combined with some very sick vocals. Every now and then they do manage to surprise with a few strange riffs and melodies, but for most of the time it is a bit predictable. Due to that not really something I would encourage, but then again. There are worse ways to spend your money.

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