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Excruciate 666 - Rites Of Torturers

Excruciate 666 - Rites Of Torturers

Label : Iron, Blood & Death Corp. | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Johan Z. : The French Excruciate 666 is already twenty years old, and if you listen to this you would suspect the album would at least be that old as well. Although I have to mention that was exactly how these fellows wanted it. Raw black with a production just good enough to make the instruments audible, which actually contributes to the album in this case. The pace is good and the performance is with some exceptions good. Most of the songs aren’t very spectacular but there are some exceptions like the opening song ‘The Awakening Of The Tyrant’ and ‘A Call To Destruction’ which happen to be be excellent headband material. Not a high-flyer but definitely one for the collectors.

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