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Unzucht - Rosenkreuzer

Unzucht - Rosenkreuzer

Label : NoCut Entertainment | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Melanie : The second album of Unzucht saw the light last year. Rosenkreuzer is a mix between calm ebm and gothic pop. It carries something of the eighties gothic music, it’s a bit nostalgic. The guys released two demos and two full-length studio albums in four years, which seems a bit much to me. It’s quite productive, sure, but more is not always better. It makes me wonder, if you’d put all the effort you took for two albums, and put them into one, wouldn’t that make it so much better? It seems to be you lose a lot of energy in a hasty production. Maybe some mistakes wouldn’t have been necessary then.

Each song basically has the same structure. Sparse guitar work with a background of techno / ebm music, a low but dark and tragic half-talking-half-singing vocals. You also have the drums which are fifty percent powered by a machine, some synths in the background and there you have it. It’s not powerful enough, so at least half the tracks go unnoticed. Each song is a slow love ballad, it seems. Something that just pisses me off after three songs.

Not every track is as bad as the last one, but that’s just a matter of comparing. If you take a crap song, and compare it to one which hurts your ears, then it isn’t all that bad. It does put the album in a perspective, but not in a positive light. Nice try, but oh well. And I said this before and I will say this again: If you’re too lazy or incompetent to provide people with information outside your mother tongue, so that journalists know what they should be talking about, maybe you shouldn’t just limit your music in your home country as well.

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