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Nebiros / Nekromanteion - In Commvnio Tenebrae

Nebiros / Nekromanteion - In Commvnio Tenebrae

Label : Iron Bonehead Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Split cd

Johan Z. : A two song split from South America which opens with 'Yo Pecador' by Nebiros. Mid tempo paced black which has some influences from bands such as Venom and Bathory. A very raw sound and a unsettling atmosphere, every now and then a catchy riff but it never gets very exciting. After that it is Nekromanteion with Occult Revelations. A atmospheric intro followed by a dose of raw black which instantly reminds of the early Darkthrone. Nice ambiance, but in terms of sound, style and vocals a bit too much Darkthrone and too less originality. One for the collectors.

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