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Malthusian - MMXIII

Malthusian - MMXIII

Label : Invictus Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Pim B. : Last November the first demo by Ireland’s Malthusian was released on cassette by Invictus Productions, also from Ireland. That first edition sold out pretty quick. Now there’s a second press on cassette and a CD edition as well. So more people can take notice of this band.

Malthusian was formed in 2012 and consists of musicians that have proven themselves in acts like Mourning Beloveth, Wreck Of The Hesperus, Abaddon Incarnate, Altar Of Plagues, Sodb and On Pain Of Death. These bands don’t tell how Malthusian sounds though. As Malthusian can’t be compared to any of them. This is death metal of the darkest kind. A style you hear quite often these days, for instance from bands like Grave Miasma or Father Befouled. The riffs of this band are eerie sounding and that works really well in this particular style. The band recorded these tracks with Ola Ersfjord who has worked with bands like Vomitor, Dread Sovereign and Dead Lord for instance. He gave Malthusian a creepy sound that fits so well with this type of death metal. By the way, the band recorded a fourth track next to the three on this demo, that will be used for a split released and there will also be a vinyl edition of this demo.

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