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Kult - Unleashed From Dismal Light

Kult - Unleashed From Dismal Light

Label : Folter Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Johan Z. : With a band name like Kult you will raise some expectations and I might give away that they live up to those expectations. Like expected this is a band which plays black in de style of Gorgoroth and the early Darkthrone. Raw, hard, various paces and no additions like keyboards, orchestra’s and anything else than drums, guitars, bass and raspy vocals. Only the introduction consists of an eerie sound with screaming people. After that comes the proverbial kick in the teeth, magnificent! De production also is like expected very raw, but decent in quality. The execution is very well done and the whole album has a very grim atmosphere, not very innovatory but I did not expect it either. A nice album and actually mandatory for fans from bands such as Gorgoroth and Darkthrone.

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