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Doctor Cyclops - Oscuropasso

Doctor Cyclops - Oscuropasso

Label : World In Sound | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : There is retro and there is very retro. The prehistoric doom of Doctor Cyclops clearly belongs in the second category. Song structure and sound of this Italian trio are very close to the source. Close to Black Sabbath that is, of course. Especially the often ignored progressive side of Sabbath is prominently present in Doctor Cyclops. The jazzy breaks and heavily distorted bass riffs strongly remind of classics like ‘N.I.B.’ or ‘Planet Caravan’, but it really is ‘The Monk’ we are listening to – one of the five long tracks on ‘Oscuropasso’, Doctor Cyclops’ second album. Fortunately singer-guitarplayer Christian Draghi’s voice is not that similar to Ozzy, otherwise the confusion would have been too big. But one thing is clear, should Geezer Butler ever want to quit playing with Sabbath, Iommi and Osbourne should look for his replacement in Italy. Francesco Filippini’s bass playing is stellar and he would be able to make everyone forget Butler in less than a minute.

When your shortest song is over six minutes (the longest last for almost sixteen), there is ample opportunity for breaks, rhythm changes, carefully worked out guitar solos and subdued interludes. Doctor Cyclops spares no expense with classic hardrock that is well executed but at the same time slavishly imitates the big names. The only difference between Doctor Cyclops and a (very) good cover band is that Doctor Cyclops does not cover, but plays self-composed material. Be it as it is, if you want to know what Black Sabbath sounds like in 2014, than you can of course listen to the bombastically produced ‘13’, but you can also turn to the more pure, seventies oriented ‘Oscuropasso’.

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