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Axxis - Kingdom Of The Night II – White Edition

Axxis - Kingdom Of The Night II – White Edition

Label : Phonotraxx | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Our German friends from Axxis are celebrating their silver anniversary! And on top of that, on February 28 it was exactly 25 years ago that the band’s successful debut album, ‘Kingdom Of The Night’ was released. And they celebrate it all big time. On that same date, the gentlemen released a second part of de debut, which appears in two different version: ‘The Black Edition’, containing sturdier work, and ‘The White Edition’, which shows a more melodic and more sensitive side of Axxis.

Unlike the black edition, on which the accent lies on sturdy and in general up-tempo 80s hardrock and heavy metal, and sympho-touched power metal, this white edition concentrates on atmospheric, melodic (hard)rock and AOR with a symphonic cover. Don’t get me wrong, because the term melodic power metal applies here as well. However, the songs are more sensitive than what we’re used from Axxis in general, but therefore definitely not less interesting.

Just imagine how a combination of Edguy, Avantasia, Bon Jovi, Shakra, Rush, Bad English and similar bands would sound, and you’ll get an idea of what you can expect. Sturdy power riffs, beautiful melodic rock solos, beautiful acoustic passages, Celtic atmospheres, and a huge 80s vibe, this record has it all. The versatility of the band comes forward greatly on this album and also in this style the gentlemen don’t drop any stitches. Especially guitarist Marco Wriedt shines as always with his sublime performance, and constantly lifts the music to a higher level. Vocalist/guitarist Bernhard Weiss has always been a major factor for the Axxis sound, and sounds as recognizable and convincing as ever.

All put together has resulted in an album that is quite different from the black edition, but definitely as strong and convincing, and utterly Axxis at the same time. In my opinion some of the songs would have fitted better on the black edition, and vice versa, but that is no reason for complaining, and also ensures variety on both records. Axxis fans will definitely not be disappointed, and also fans of melodic hardrock, AOR and power metal will do be doing themselves a favor by giving this album a chance.

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