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D’AcorrD - III

D’AcorrD - III

Label : Karisma Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : Retro is hip. Totally back and especially in the rock scene today. There are all sorts of sound -a-likes popping up of Sabbath, Lizzy, AC/DC and it is eagerly devoured. And in prog rock we now get something of that too with the Norwegian D' Accord as an opportune example. These Norwegians actually catch the sound of multiple bands at the same time; the arty farty stuff from Genesis, the folky sound of Jethro Tull (including flute) and the musical genius of our own Focus with a small dose of Yes poured in. I often tend to total aversion, especially if it seems to be completely stolen but sometimes there is also delight. Because a sound may be very familiar but the conviction and compositions are doing the magic. D'Accord belongs to the second category I’m happy to say. ‘III' does not bore for a moment, and every song of this album leaves you wandering in the atmosphere of the early 70's. If you can achieve that as a band you do something really well. Retro-rockers with a healthy appetite will like this as a wonderful album. No doubt.

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