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Supercharger - Broken Hearts And Fallaparts

Supercharger - Broken Hearts And Fallaparts

Label : Gain | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Supercharger from Denmark now releases its third release ‘Broken Hearts And Fallastars’. The Danish rockers seem to appreciate things to be clear and transparent and they are not fond of surprises. That seems to be the case when you listen to this delicious southern/sleaze rock of the Danes. Because the twelve songs on this new album do not differ from the previous work in any way. That in itself is quite logical because the two previous albums were definitely worth listening to. The music is quite simple and rocks deliciously. Occasionally a small speed-up, an occasional ballad-like atmosphere but a lot of straight-to-the-point rock. The latter they do prefer. Singing and jumping with simple yet effective rockers like 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' (great title) and the up tempo opener ‘Like A Pitbull’ and quietly enjoying a glass of whiskey while listening to the acoustic ‘Goodbye Copenhagen’. Do not think too much, just rock. That is what Supercharger is all about.

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