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Suns Of Stone - Suns Of Stone

Suns Of Stone - Suns Of Stone

Label : Bad Reputation | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : They are from Canada, and according to the info sheet they all have a regular full-time job next to the band. Something to be proud of nowadays, but one way or another, this can be heard; the band did not succeed in capturing that extra bit of heart and soul in their music. Actually the music could be quite good, but they lost the conviction somewhere (maybe also due to the almost clinical approach of the production). It’s as if these guys have been a very well oiled cover band playing Free, UFO and Extreme material for many years. The songs are well performed, but the arrangements are pretty predictable and average, the guitarist isn’t of Schenker standards, and although the vocals are attractive and capable, they lack that extra bit that Mogg and Rodgers have. Having said this, I do not want to claim only good-for-nothing, workshy youngsters are the ultimate role model for a good musician, but despite the well done performance this album does not “breath” rock ‘n’ roll anywhere. Still I can imagine these guys making their audience having a great time during a live gig, and maybe a next album with a more “live feel” can give the impression of a more genuine intention.

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