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Meridian - Metallurgy

Meridian - Metallurgy

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ed : The platter of melodic metal the Danes of Meridian serve tastes good. This debut album has taken long in the making, the band has existed since 2005, but is only now unleashed upon the world, because only recently it has passed the high quality standards of the band members themselves. We can be thankful for their self criticism, a trait so many bands lack, because ‘Metallurgy’ is indeed
a sheer quality product. Melodic, Eighties-inspired, heavy metal, housed in a modern jacket, which is most noticeable through the excellent mastering by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Hatesphere). Just a few names of bands that are part of the DNA-string of Meridian (albeit that the band members may not be conscious of each and every of these ‘influentors’): Megadeth (as from Rust in Piece), as far as ‘sensitive’ guitar parts are concerned, Omen (when they are on their least epic), Savatage (without any bombast), Obsession (Methods to Madness). A predominant American signature, do you think? Far from it: certainly the (northern) European melodic stringbenders come to mind and the mud-and-flaccid-beer smell of (north) German festivals form the Reek Of Satisfaction of this disc. Waiting for the tour bus!

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