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Human Debris - Wrought From Anguish

Human Debris - Wrought From Anguish

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The German quartet Human Debris was founded in 2000 already, but secretly flew below the radar, so that they never caught my attention. This is their second album, after ‘Welcome To A World Of Debris’ from 2011. My colleague praised them for not using clean vocals in their music. They completely ignored that recommendation. And indeed, why listen to an experienced and well informed journalist, when you want to set course in another direction?

After a relatively comfortable intro the second song immediately unveils the bands true identity. They say themselves that melodic death metal bands are just about as rare as black ravens, but they are working on it since 2000 already. And they sound like you may expect from a group of civilized guys hat apply socially aware lyrics to their death metal music. Nothing to be ashamed of for your parents,nor anything to capture an audience, I think.

The vibe is excellent, the music well thought out, with some unexpected instrumentation every now and then. But foremost, very little moments where they go wild. Although a song like ‘Downpour’ will probably ask a lot of energy from them. But still, if they play a festival where I am, I would surely check them out. I sense that everything they play is exactly what they like the best and that reflects in how they play. The samples in between are a bit too numerous , after having heard the albums a couple of consecutive times they actually get in the way. But the music itself, I could have a few runs with that.

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