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Emyn Muil - Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

Emyn Muil - Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

Label : Northern Silence Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Another Italian musical hermit has a huge vision: he appears to be the heart of Nartum Music Projects and happens to be involved in five musical projects to show his different musical challenges and styles. Emyn Muil focuses on Tolkien’s Middle Earth and pretends to be a soundtrack for Tolkien’s story ‘The Children Of Hurin’. Thus we descend to one of the most obscure stories of Tolkien’s history. The name Emyn Muil refers to the inhospitable areas where Frodo and Sam once met Gollian.

Behind this intriguing story one can find Saverio Giove from Bari. Most of all inspired by Summoning, and in lesser measures Windir and Arathorn, he has written his own soundtrack for the story. This is indeed an album that will appeal to the fans of Austrian Summoning. In ten atmospheric compositions, Nartum manages to create a personal soundtrack in which soaring keyboards, eruptions with scorching black metal screams and classical components reign. Spoken fragments add an epic zest to the entire work, while any bombastic flavours cannot be ignored. Repetitive patterns are included into this cinematic happening, just listen to ‘Mim’s Betrayal’ or the sighing soundscapes in ‘Gurthang’. The most infectious song is ‘The Sack Of Nargothrond’ with its exceptional clean vocal parts as new element. The whole album focuses on a kind of soaring compelling momentum, being the true backbone of this creation.

Critical listeners might notice that Emyn Muil shamelessly wallows in the Summoning universe. When you avoid Airbourne and Bullet because they are just a rip off from AC/DC in your record collection, then this view is right. On the other hand we do find ourselves in beloved areas of the underground scène and thus we appreciate one more album in the same style.

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