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Dirtcake - Dirtcake

Dirtcake - Dirtcake

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : It’s in no way sweet as the mixture of Oreo cookies, cream cheese, milk and vanilla pudding, but one might easily choke on the gritty music by these Canadians. The presented hotchpotch exists from a combination of stoner, groove metal, punky hardcore, and despite the vocals having not that typical switching between heavy screaming and over the top harmonies, also associations with nu metal are coming up. The sharp edged, more technical parts remind of bands like Rage Against The Machine, looking at the arrangements. Actually the presented level of musicianship and also the production is far above average, still it’s the more straight forward stuff like the driving mid tempo ‘Dirty Blues’ and ‘Magnum’, with simple but very effective slide work that appear to be the most appealing songs. This album can be considered to be very varied, made by cunning musicians. The final very experimental track ‘Aka No Joo’ might enlarge the impression of these guys being show-offs instead of expressing a passion for music though; I personally haven’t made up my mind about that. Bands like Dream Theater, Muse and dEUS have got away with it without being labeled as higher musical mathematics, so there is hope. I certainly can appreciate a combination of highly skilled musicianship in combination with some freaky experiments, but this always has to be rooted in an expressive approach. Maybe this needs a bit of a growing process in this case, which takes longer than the few times the album has played before writing this review; time will tell.

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