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Jenx - Drift

Jenx - Drift

Label : M-Tronic | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : If I am not corrected, I think that the new album ‘Host’ by the French Jenx is rather a solo project by Lyynk, the keyboard player and key member and composer of the band. Still, the record has been released under this moniker rather than Lyynk or Stéphane Schott, his real name. To add confusion to the whole, three songs from the previous record are remixed and re-released on this album. Some youtubing makes me rather fond of the original songs more than these clinical sterile songs they have become. And it seems that this is the major change between the two albums: a complete lack or complete omission of organic sounding beats. The metal meets dance mix works on the previous album but looses it, at leat to me, on the new ‘Hope’. That both worlds have a lot in common is without a doubt and I must say that there are very little bands daring to stick their neck out in a new world. It seems that Jenx was on the good way, Lyynk, euh I mean Jenx now is falling overboard.

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