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False Prophet - The Second Death

False Prophet - The Second Death

Label : Blood Harvest | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Marcel H. : False Prophet from the USA, who doesn’t know that band? Released a demo in 1989 and self-released their only studio album in 1991. In 2013 a mini with a live recording from 1990 sees the light of day, courtesy of Heaven & Hell Records. That same label also released this ‘The Second Death’ in that same year consisting of the demo and the debut album. What I have here in front of me is the vinyl release of ‘The Second Death’ by Blood Harvest. What to expect? Well, to be brutally honest, a nice good portion old fashioned death thrash which one person will find more thrash and the other will find more death. For me personally it’s a little more death. Death as could be heard a lot more back in those late Eighties and early Nineties. Nice riffs, vile semi grunting where from time to time a scream can be discerned. Tight rhythm section. All in all a nice album of which many hit the streets at the time. Necessary this re-release is not, but it is a fun release for people who collect everything in this genre from that era. Because, like I said, the music goes down well.

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