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Fallen Fate - Into The Black

Fallen Fate - Into The Black

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Fallen Fate is an English band that has already released some material (e.g. ‘The Virus Has Spread', 2011) in the past and they are the first unsigned band that, with the support of the fans and the positive reactions to their concerts, managed to play at the Download Festival twice in succession. You would expect the band to be picked up by a record company, but none of it: this ‘Into The Black’ in another independent release.

'Into the Black' holds modern thrash metal with an American edge, which means that you will encounter elements of groove and melodic death metal accompanied with death metal vocals. In the background you will come across an occasional symphonic or electronic element, though they are definitely not over-present. The band makes usage of a dark sound and fierce guitar solos. And it must be said: the guitar work is at times (‘Last Rites’, ‘Until The Final Hour’) of a very high level. But these two elements are not enough to hold the entire album. Even though the band has looked for changes in tempo and melodic elements, they do stand out too little to impress and make that the stamp 'standard' is unavoidable. In mid-tempo tracks like ‘Vespa’ and 'I Welcome The Dead' the band is at its best. That can’t be said about the vocals, which are, in my opinion, mainly poorly expressed. Singer Skinner is merely using abrasive, raw vocals and that usually does not warrant a lot of variety. And that goes for this album as well. When it appears that he does not play too much with dynamics and emotion, the stumbling block on this album may be obvious. The production is modern and ensures that you are dealing with a hard and somewhat polished sound. Some will like that, but it also ensures that the whole is less dynamic and less detail comes through. Something I personally regret.

'Into The Black' is entertaining for a short period, but to remain fascinated throughout several plays is a difficult task. For this, the song material is simply not good enough: such a pity!

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