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Ever Since - Bring Out The Gimp

Ever Since - Bring Out The Gimp

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Ever Since is a Swiss band that went on a hiatus after three albums that lasted six years but is now picking up again with ‘Bring Out The Gimp’. Their brand of metal can be compared to Disturbed or Static-X, tight riffs and ditto drumwork with some keyboards added. The songs all have a thumping backbone with a vocalist that knows his limitations but knows how to deliver a melody. The tempo is high but with ‘Step In The Hell’ and ‘No Way Out’ they take a step back for some variation. A great combination of heavy riffing and melody make this a noteworthy comeback. The production by Sybreed main man Drop is heavy yet clear and really adds something to the mix. The keyboard sound is mysterious and all songs have a hook that grabs you. All in all a nice album by these Swiss guys. Now please come over and perform this live.

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