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Corners Of Sanctuary - Harlequin

Corners Of Sanctuary - Harlequin

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : From the U.S. metal band Seekers a new band was born with the name Corners Of Sanctuary. A sound that is a generously topped with a keyboard sauce they present their second album since the formation in 2011 and there are already two EPs. A productive lot they are. Singer Sean Nelligan is also the drummer and this you don’t see very often in metal, or almost never even. Because the sound of ‘Harlequin’, as the album was baptized, lacks a lot of power and emphasizes the drum (hi-hat!) sound too prominent, it is kind of a struggle to work your way through the songs. But after some effort a style crystallizes that kind of is a mixture of Heir Apparent, Sanctuary and another band that lies on the tip of my tongue but I just cannot recall it (aarggghhh I HATE that). If a label should sign the band ‘Harlequin’ should be re-recorded with a good producer. It deserves that.

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