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Doghouse Gallows - That Which No Canvas Could Withstand

Doghouse Gallows - That Which No Canvas Could Withstand

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Doghouse Gallows is a band from Holland that releases their second self financed album ‘That Which No Canvas Could Withstand'. And the reason why this release was self financed I cannot understand: this band really deserves a record deal! The music of the four guys is incredibly mature and the quality literally drips out of it by the liter!!! A little while ago I had to review the comeback CD by Transport League 'Boogie From Hell’, but this product from our own country is of the same quality, to say the least. This is great death and roll!

The four guys in this band are no strangers to the metal scene. The band members play/have played in bands like Picture, Celestial Season and Kutschurft. But in my opinion this product is the best the four of them have ever produced. By far! Jorre Jansen sings like he is the twin brother of Tony Jelencovich: very raw, powerful but also with a lot of melody. The riffs are loud, heavy and rough, so much so that it sometimes even tends toward Pro Pain or Crowbar. Simply fantastic. It makes little sense to pick out a few songs but trust me: all 11 songs are worth to listen to, from the wonderful opener 'Locust' to the Celtic Frost (!) and Kreator-like closer 'Pripyat'. Check it out!

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