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Black Depths Grey Waves - Never Forever Simply Done

Black Depths Grey Waves - Never Forever Simply Done

Label : Dead Games Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : With their fourth and apparently final release ‘Never Forever Simply Done’, this duo that performs under the moniker Black Depths Of Grey Waves brings us a couple of songs/soundscapes that each have a playing time of more than twenty minutes. Both tracks, ’Ninths Symbol Of The Forgotten Realm’ and ‘Hush’ harbor the influences of bands like Valefor, MZ412, Schloss Tegal, Godflesh and Merzbow, but in the echo rich spoken word-vocals I hear a lot of old The Swans. More than an interesting fact however, it is not. Musically it’s not very exciting either. It bores me. Secretly I am thrilled to read this is their final release.

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