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Dark Lunacy - Live In Mexico City

Dark Lunacy - Live In Mexico City

Label : Fuel Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Vera : The history of Italian Dark Lunacy reads like an improbable story. A story that the undersigned only picked up when reviewing their comeback album ’Weaver Of Forgotten’ in November 2010, after a radical line-up change, an initiative from band leader and singer Mike. That was a new start with different musicians. We did not hear much about the band next. Yet they could already trust the services of Fuel Records for more than ten years and that label releases the DVD ‘Live In Mexico City’ now as well.

In March 2012 the band suddenly flies to Mexico to record a kind of ‘best of’ in a live situation. Dark Lunacy gives the best of themselves before three thousand metal fans. That is not so strange, since Dark Lunacy has always been looking for recognition abroad, more than focusing on own country Italy. Their affinity with Mexico and Russia might be called nearly legendary and also a bit weird. Of course it looks impressive: Live in Mexico City, as if we are dealing with a world famous act. Of course they are not, but it remains funny and diverting to watch the DVD, because these guys have a lot of fun and they give a sympathetic impression in the bonus material, while they just play melodic death metal in the vein of thirteen in a dozen bands, now and then relished with strings.

Yet we must admit: the crowd reacts very enthusiastic on the act of the passionate Italians, that’s why you are making a ride on a wave of enjoyment while watching it. Naturally those ‘greatest hits’ have to be considered with a pinch of salt, because no one ever heard them, but well, they put up a proper show. As extra you can see very amateurish shots from a tourist trip to Teotihuacan, from a dull signing session and last but not least some backstage footage with humour. The band is working on a fifth album, scheduled to be released in 2014.

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