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Cold Cold Ground - Lies About Ourselves

Cold Cold Ground - Lies About Ourselves

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : This Finnish circus called Cold Cold Ground thought it was time to get a follow up of their 2012 record ’This Side Of Depravity’ and brings us ten new tracks under the title of ‘Lies About Ourselves’. Their infectious industrial rock ’n’ roll kicks you in the teeth without doubt and the opener of the CD ‘My First And I’ give you the bullet execution style. It makes a stand for what the band wants to bring across: they twist industrial roots into poppy sounding straight forward rock songs. The pedal leaves the metal when ‘Welcome To Hell’ takes over which shows the more electro side of the band. It takes more listening sessions to get used to this I guess. And the other eight songs? Well, sometimes they are poppy, like in ‘Tourist’, but mostly it reminds me of eighties new wave bands stuck into a ultra modern designer coat with ‘We Are The Sun’ being the perfect example. The music does not ask much to get a pretty happy impression of this band and besides the image that the bands created, it surely aims for a broader audience. Nothing wrong with that of course and since Rammstein is rather quiet these days, it could be a welcome new comer at the top.

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