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Calling Of Lorme - Pygmalion

Calling Of Lorme - Pygmalion

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Melanie : The French industrial band Calling of Lorme was initially started by Jo and Dorian while Seth and JY joined the band a year later. They moved at quite the pace as they developed their own music and before they know it, they’re in the studio recording their demo. Corporation is well received but doesn’t cause much name recognition. The band retracts to the writing rooms again, and entered the studios for the second time last year to record their second record ‘Pygmalion’. This demo has eleven songs and beautiful artwork. It’s striking how this band has their stuff together. Often you get a plate of crap handed when beginning bands send you their stuff, but these guys! They have a wonderful CD cover filled with beautiful art. Not only that, but they also score big points with their website. It’s clear, up to date, it has English translations available and more information than you wish to read.

Though it remains a bit strange to listen to industrial without the German lyrics, I think Calling of Lorme is quite talented. Most industrial metal comes out of Germany and therefore Calling of Lorme may be a odd duckling, but no less talented if you ask me. The music is tight, stamping and hard. The synths are varied, but they’re not obviously present. It simply meets all the requirements that an industrial band has. JY’s voice is deep, hard but not a copy of Till Lindeman’s, which makes me extremely happy. Not only does he control clear vocals, but also grunts and screams are a part of his set. I’m quite divided about this record though. One moment I think it’s a great album and I go along with it swinging and the next moment it’s crap. Then I don’t know how fast and hard I should hit that “forward” button. They do keep intriguing me because o their diversity and interesting topics; fascism, corporation, human psychology.

This is a good album, a varied record with eleven songs filled with awesome tracks. Honestly, I don’t understand why these guys haven’t been signed yet. I hope it will happen soon for they deserve it!

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